How to Pull Off Tantric Sex

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elieved to go back 5,000 years, Tantric sex is an old Eastern otherworldly practice. Like yoga or Zen, its motivation is illumination—and the logic rises above the room into all parts of life. In the Tantric view, sex and climax = profound mindfulness at its pinnacle. Furthermore, when Shiva (male vitality) and Shakti (female vitality)…

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How I Found Out I Was a Sexual “Unicorn”

February 12, 2018 Off

Shampagne woodwind close by, I remained with my two closest companions at the front work area of a resort in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, standing up to the circumstance with our room. The lodging needed to give us a stay with two beds. “We’d rather have an extra large,” my closest companion said. I remained…

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How To Have Lesbian Sex

February 9, 2018 Off

I’ve had different sorts of sex previously, however some way or another I’ve never run down on somebody with a vagina. What’s more, since I’ve done other stuff previously, I feel like individuals I connect with anticipate that me will know how to do it. However, I don’t. What’s more, I’m apprehensive. Approve, peruser who…

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Steamy Sex Positions for Lesbians

February 6, 2018 Off

Sex between two ladies is a delightful thing. Lamentably, there’s a considerable measure of deception out there. “A ton of people originating from standard culture consider ‘sex’ penetrative intercourse — a penis going into a gap. So when two individuals with vulvas are engaging in sexual relations, I figure a considerable measure of people don’t…

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