It’s the mind-blowing sex and the physical prowess I know he possesses

It’s the mind-blowing sex and the physical prowess I know he possesses

The jazz band murmurs out of sight of another ordinary mixed drink party. It’s all piece of the activity of the right hand – go to similar gatherings, see similar countenances. Despite everything I needed to remind my manager who was who and now he has vanished to arrange; to be ‘tempted’ by those in participation who neglect to see past the different college degrees and three-piece Prada suit.

I deplete the remainder of my vodka martini and make a beeline for the prepaid bar for another. I stop in my tracks when I feel eyes on me. I check the corridor to discover them and my look locks with the best and persuasive man in the room. He too has various college degrees, innumerable titles after his name and his effective body is encased in a customized dark suit that makes me frail at the knees. However, it isn’t the instruction, the name or the three-piece that I’m contemplating. No; as his charming eyes take in my body, sheathed in a gold and dark short decorated dress and his mouth twists up into a fulfilled grin, it’s the amazing sex and the physical ability I know he has that influences me to lick my lips and influence on my feet.

He gestures and tips his glass to me and swings back to the group encompassing him, sitting tight for him to fascinate them.

I remain long past my contracted three hour participation to watch the man, who is twelve years my senior, command the gathering with his appeal, mind and information that reaches out far past his subject matter.

He hasn’t glanced back at me once, so I deplete the last drop of my vodka martini and leave the gathering.

The lift opens and I advance inside, enlightening the catch for my floor. A vast hand turns out to stop the entryways shutting and he goes along with me inside, throwing an…